Thor's Hope Foundation was established in 2013 as a private foundation dedicated to fostering low-income mobility impaired individuals with trained service dogs and residential facilities in need of a therapeutic facility dog.

We invite mobility impaired disadvantaged persons and/or facilities to fill out an application for service dog consideration. We also train for PTSD.  All inquires will be responded to.​



From left to right we have Susan White (President), Raini Gordy (Treasurer), Christina Macone-Greene (Vice President) and Jean Kelly (Secretary)



Thor’s Hope Foundation reviews applications and grants service dogs annually.  This also includes an assessment of your own personal pet dog for service dog training potential.  

Please note that a public access test must be passed before the dog is turned over to the new handler.

We provide training to each recipient covering dog care, customizing cues, and working with the new handlers in public settings where they will be taking their dog.

We also provide frequent follow-up after placement to ensure our new teams are functioning at their highest ability.

Thor’s Service Dogs are matched up with mobility and/or facility needs. For mobility needs, generally dogs are taught “Wish List Tasks” which may include:  

Help pull a wheelchair

Pick up dropped items

Open and close doors

Turn on and off lights

Push buttons

Retrieve phone

Retrieve medication

Retrieve items owner can't reach

Brace for stability/help with balance

Alert for help

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