Thor’s Hope Foundation is delighted to be a partner with Performance K9 Training in San Diego County. David Greene, the founder of Performance K9 Training, is the training director for Thor’s Hope Foundation. David is recognized nationally and internationally for his talent with dogs. He has represented the United States of America on four world teams placing third and ninth in the world. His stadium accomplishments in the states and overseas transcend to pet dog and service dog training. 

David has a passion for training dogs, and it’s evident in his balanced training philosophy. While David’s proficiency in dog training is unparalleled, he also teaches people how to be better and more confident dog handlers.  

Performance K9 Training is honored to be part of the vision of Thor’s Hope Foundation by helping train service and facility dogs for a variety of needs. Both Thor’s Hope Foundation and Performance K9 Training know the healing effect that these specially trained dogs can bring to their owners.